Nano Crystallized Glass Panel with pure white color
Author:Xiamen Tianrun Stoneglass   2023-12-9 15:14:15

The Nano Crystallized Glass Panel with pure white color and that material is a very high quality man made glass stone slabs products.

1.What is Nano Crystallized Glass Panel? - NANOGLASS
Nano Glass, also known as Glass-ceramics, Nanoglass, crystallizednano glass, Nanoglasscrystal, are produced by controlled crystallization of certain glasses-generally induced by nucleating additives.
2. Where can be used?
Floor, Background wall, Internal & external wall, Stair, Column, Bathroom, Countertop, Gravestones,  etc.
What is the quality of your Nano Glass?
Each process has strict quality test. Make sure you get our best quality products.
We win a good social reputations from many projects, both in Commercial and Residential.
Authority of quality certification.
3. Is there anything I need to know when I'm cutting and Installing?
Tianrun Stoneglass Nano Glass can be cut by emery wheel cutting machine, portable cutting machine, and other regular cutting machines. 
Regular floor paving, wall installing. More details, please contact us and check our product Installing Manual.
4. Do I need daily special care?
Tianrun Stoneglass Nano Glass does not need daily special maintence.
If there is dirty water, oil, ink, soy sauce, chemical liquids, or any other liquids, you can use paper towel and simple detergent to remove. The liquids will not permeate in to the tiles, and the surface will be as bright as begining.
5. Could you send me some samples?
Yes, we can send you some samples for you to test.
Nano Crystallized Glass Panel SPECIFICATION: 
SLAB: LENGTH(2400-3200MM) * WIDTH(1200-1600MM) * THICKNESS(10-30MM)
CUT-TO-SIZE:  600X600MM, 600X120MM ; 800X800MM, 900X900MM ; 1000X1000MM, 1200X1200MM 


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