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Sell Nanoglass Tabletop
Price  100 USD/M2
Size  180 x 60 x 2 CM

Sell Nanoglass Tabletop

A professional manufacturer for all kinds of Nanoglass Tabletop, here you can find details about China Nano Glass Stone, Nanoglass Tabletop from White Nanoglass Tabletop - China Marmoglass Co.,Limited.

Super Nanoglass of NANO2011, Nano Glass,Crystal White Glass Floor Tiles, Nano Crystallized Glass Panel is the new generation of Crystallized Glass Panel. With the combination of the Nano material with the natural stone, after the thermostatic hardening, polishing and smoothing, the stone material is produced in much higher density and gloss. The super Nanoglass is of granite material feature and marble's gloss. Non-radioactive and environmental friendly, Nano Crystallized Glass becomes a new and reusable decorative building material.!.html

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