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Nano glass Marble Vein vanity tops

Nano glass Marble Vein vanity tops
Price  30-100 USD
Size  300x160cm
MOQ  100 M2


Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Slabs is ideal as the material for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops.

What is Nano Glass ?
Nano glass is made of natural materials as ordinary glass but it is much harder than ordinary glass. It is a combination of silica and other natural minerals heated to 1800 degrees Celsius and molded into slabs or other shapes.  Nano glass commonly also known as nanoglass, nano-crystallized glass, nano-crystal stone and nonporous china marmoglass and xiamen tianrun stoneglass.
Nano glass is used for countertops, vanity tops, tabletops, shower walls, flooring and wall tiles, windowsills, stairs, wall and column cladding, sinks, basins, furniture decoration, etc.
Countertop thickness: 10mm, 18mm or 30mm   
Size: Customization is based on the customer's needs, so you are welcome to provide drawings.
Shape: Special shapes include round, square, L shape, etc.
Shapes can be customized to meet customers' needs.
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